m, the AI assistant for the hospitality sector

As an intelligent assistant, m retrieves its data from various channels and centralizes and manages the incoming requests. This can be requests via e-mail, the web form or brokers.

A new workflow is created in which a request is processed. The software takes a large part of the work of the Sales Manager off your hands and you can work faster and more efficiently. Simple requests can even be processed fully automatically. This leaves more time for reservation staff for what is really important: guest experience and customization.

Furthermore, m provides insight into how much work stock is still open and maps this out for employees of the hotel. By centralizing, managing, and distributing these requests, the software takes a large part of the work off employees. The customer requests from different channels come in and are processed in m. Then they are passed on to the reservation system of the hotel.

Digital Demo Tour
“Dankzij m kunnen wij nu sneller onze aanvragen verwerken, wat zorgt voor meer tijd om efficiënter te kijken naar onze complexere aanvragen.”
Mark Struik, Postillion Hotels
“Door het gebruik van de innovatieve software m, kunnen onze reserveringsmedewerkers de focus leggen op hetgeen waar ze goed in zijn, gastvrijheid.”
Erik-Jan Ginjaar, Postillion Hotels
“Dankzij m wordt onze mail automatisch verdeeld, waardoor we snel zien welke aanvragen er zijn en  welke snel behandeld moeten worden.”
Nadia van Wijk, Reserverings Manager