m, the AI driven software

A quote within 30 minutes, shorter queues with your customer and an automated booking system that minimizes repetitive tasks. Thanks to m, you and your customers will have time to build and maintain a lasting relationship. This allows the focus to be placed on what your employees are good at: hospitality. Hospitality enhancement will ensure happy customers, who are essential to your company’s reputation.

The product of Please ask m is called “m” and was developed as a prototype in 2019. m is currently in full operation at 7 hotels and is being continuously improved, tested and further developed. With the input from the hotels and the development of the AI-driven software, the improved version of m will emerge. Would you like to experience the unique opportunity to be the first to use and help develop m? From the end of 2020, we will invite a select group of companies to try m for free and without obligation. You can register through servehappiness@pleaseaskm.com.


Are you curious about the possibilities that m has to offer? Do you want to deliver a quote faster, process more requests and deploy your employees for what they are good at? Sign up using the form below and stay informed of the developments surrounding m.

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“Dankzij m kunnen wij nu sneller onze aanvragen verwerken, wat zorgt voor meer tijd om efficiënter te kijken naar onze complexere aanvragen.”
Mark Struik, Postillion Hotels
“Door het gebruik van de innovatieve software m, kunnen onze reserveringsmedewerkers de focus leggen op hetgeen waar ze goed in zijn, gastvrijheid.”
Erik-Jan Ginjaar, Postillion Hotels
“Dankzij m wordt onze mail automatisch verdeeld, waardoor we snel zien welke aanvragen er zijn en  welke snel behandeld moeten worden.”
Nadia van Wijk, Reserverings Manager

m, the ultimate AI assistent for the hospitality sector