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m is a smart AI assistant that extracts and prepares all relevant information from any meeting and group request sent by email, reducing the average response time to 3 minutes instead of 30. A faster response time, means more business. Help your clients to bring order in their inbox, and set the right priorities by automating their processes. Help us in our mission to enable hoteliers to generate more revenue, without eliminating the personal touch.

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1. Introduce Please ask m
Your clients need a solution like Please ask m? Introduce them to us and we will be happy to have a chat with them to see how we could help.

2. Your referral becomes a customer
After our demo call, the client is interested to work with us and becomes a paying customer of Please ask m, thanks to your recommendation.

3. Please ask m provides a revenue share on the 1st year
We will pay you a referral fee and commission over the first years’ subscription.

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Our Agent Program is designed for hospitality professionals like consultants, revenue managers and others working with hoteliers. Our approach allows you to run your own business but increase the amount of clients and improve the value of your consulting services.

We would first like to ensure there is a good match between us, so the first step is to get to know each other. In this call we can determine the potential of working together. You can book a call with us by clicking on the “let’s connect” button!

Once you signed our Agent Program Agreement, we will have a 1-to-1 call to show our product, share how to overcome objections, and how our product helps to increase the success of your clients. Then we share our cooperation on the socials and you are ready to go! We make sure you feel comfortable and motivated on the long term by organising a quarterly meet up, and you are always welcome to slack us at any time.

When you introduce someone to us, we create a deal in our CRM and we will tag you. This way we are able to inform you about the status real time and we will let you know once we closed it.

m, the smart assistant for the hospitality industry

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