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All hotels have a booking engine on their website for hotel rooms. But what about a booking engine for meetings and events? When using our webform your customers can easily book a meeting or event room on your website!

All these requests are collected via the webform and are gathered in the Please ask m application. You will be provided with a clear overview of your customer’s contact details as well as the details of the meeting or event. According to this data, your banquet sales employee can easily send an online quote to the customer that was already processed by m. This way you guarantee a quick response to your customers, while m generate your requests.

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Advantages of m

All hotels have a hotel room booking engine on their website. With m’s webform, you’ll also give your clients the opportunity to book a meeting or event on your website with all options available for your location.


We at, Please ask m find a smooth running implementation process one of the most important elements. That is why we ensure that the entire onboarding will solely take an average of 15 working days. During the onboarding we only need a maximum of 2 days of your time, the rest is arranged internally.

After the ‘go live’ we’ll offer a single point of contact where support will be provided within 4 hours. In addition, there is also the online possibility for support using

Webform requests

This ascending counter shows how many requests have been booked in September over 8 locations using our web form, with taking into account the corresponding number of persons, number of rooms and potential turnover!

Number of reuests
Number of persons
Number of hotel rooms
Potential revenue

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“By using m, new requests are processed in less than 3 minutes instead of the average 30 minutes.”