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At Please ask m we believe that people live to be happy. People prefer to do business with people and environments where they experience happiness. One of the goals is to make business users in the hospitality industry happy. By making every customer contact a valuable moment and therefore a valuable customer experience, we at Please ask m with our software platform contribute to happiness.

Our vision is that there is a need for an even better customer experience within the (business) hospitality industry and that this will only become stronger in the coming years. We also think that the technological possibilities of AI, among others, make it increasingly possible to automate personalized customer communication.

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“Dankzij m kunnen wij nu sneller onze aanvragen verwerken, wat zorgt voor meer tijd om efficiënter te kijken naar onze complexere aanvragen.”
Mark Struik, Postillion Hotels
“Door het gebruik van de innovatieve software m, kunnen onze reserveringsmedewerkers de focus leggen op hetgeen waar ze goed in zijn, gastvrijheid”
Erik-Jan Ginjaar, Postillion Hotels
“Dankzij m wordt onze mail automatisch verdeeld, waardoor we snel zien welke aanvragen er zijn en welke snel behandeld moeten worden.”
Nadia van Wijk, Reserverings Manager

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