Ask Mark: Is it time for hospitality to let go of our tailor-made obsession?

2022-06-21T11:14:13+02:00april 13th, 2022|

A lot has changed since I switched from Hospitality to Tech, as described in my previous blog. I realized what an email addict I had become. In my previous role as Commercial Director, I received between 100-200 emails a day. Although this sounds like a burden, it always felt quite normal, and it was just the way things were. But having back2back meetings most days, this meant my mailbox was always a job to be done during my weekends or evenings.

Ask Mark: How did my perspective change since I switched sides?

2022-03-01T17:53:09+02:00maart 1st, 2022|

As a hospitality and tech enthusiast, to my dear friends and family there was nothing more logic than me switching sides and landing in this industry: the hoteltech. This rapidly evolving part of the hospitality industry always had my interest since it is driven by innovation and data. New initiatives, disruptors and challengers draw [...]

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